• See Governor Mark Gordon’s nuclear power plant announcement

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    Wyoming Governor Mark Gordon, with TerraPower and PacifiCorp the two companies, announced yesterday plans to construct the Natrium reactor demonstration at an old coal-fired power plant in Wyoming

    Terrapower was established by a software engineer and businessman Bill Gates, who is the president of the company.

    At present, companies are looking at various locations within the state.

    Governor Gordon announced in a news releasethat “I am thrilled to have Wyoming chosen for the demonstration pilot project, because our state is the ideal location to host this innovative utility facility, and our workforce. skilled coal workers are looking for the new jobs this project can provide. “

    The creation of the nuclear energy plant will result in tax revenues to the budget of the state of Wyoming which has seen an increase in tax revenue in the past few years.

    This demonstration project will provide possibilities that allow PacifiCorp as well as local community members to provide high-paying permanent jobs for workers in Wyoming as per the announcement.

    The site that will be the site of Natrium demonstrator plant anticipated to be revealed before the end of 2021.


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